Bybrook Refugee Crisis Support Network Update 5

Hello everyone,

I spoke yesterday to Graham Martin who is the current coordinator for the Chippenham refugees (although he is about to step down).

He has emailed the refugee case worker, Fadi Albshara, to ask about donations of items and he is waiting for guidance from Wiltshire LA about the donation of money. The latter can be quite tricky as they don’t want it to affect benefits, but there are particular needs e.g. the provision of driving lessons which would make finding a job easier. He mentioned establishing a charitable fund and/or working through Wiltshire Community Foundation. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything further.

The Induction Meeting for those who are willing to work directly with the refugees will take place on Tuesday 10th May at 10.00 at County Hall. Trowbridge. I will attend and send out notes to those of you who cannot. I will also try to arrange for someone to come out to our area to help us with DBS checks which need to be done online with proof of identification.

Best wishes,

Julia Howey

Bybrook Refugee Crisis Support Network Coordinator