Losing someone close to you is never easy.  If you are looking at this page, and find yourself in this position, we are sorry for your loss, and would like to be able to pray for you during this time.

A funeral marks the end of a human life on earth.  It is an opportunity for friends and family to express their grief, to give thanks for the life which has now been completed, and to commend the person who has died into God’s keeping.

Funeral services in the Church of England can vary greatly, from a very short and quiet time, with only a few members of the family present, to an occasion of great solemnity with music, hymns, and a church full of people. Services can be tailored to suit whatever the family feels is appropriate in order to celebrate the life of their loved one. This may include hymns, a favourite piece of music, prayers, readings, a eulogy and an address. The words and actions of the funeral service all speak of a loving God and the preciousness to Him of every human being.


What step do I take first?

Planning a funeral for a loved one can often help with the grieving process.

The first step is to approach a funeral director who will contact our office to check availability of ministers.

The funeral director plays a very important part in all of the arrangements and will want to know if the funeral is to be in the parish church or if the minister is to take the service in the crematorium.

Funeral directors know the local ministers, the local cemeteries and the crematoria.

As part of a national network of funeral directors, they can, if necessary, give advice on funerals in other parts of the country, as well as on costs and fees.

How do I plan a funeral?

The funeral director and the minister taking the funeral service will both guide through planning various parts of the day.

The minister will plan the actual services with you (and the funeral director will offer help).

The funeral director will plan the rest of the day with you

The Will of the deceased may have left plans for the funeral. If you’re not sure then the minister taking the service can guide you through arrangements, however sensitive.

If the minister did not know the deceased person, then they will want to talk with you to build up a picture of the person’s life.

What about fees?

Your funeral director will handle all of the fees, including for the day of the funeral itself.

Any fees due to the Church of England are usually included in your overall fee from the funeral director.

I need more help with planning

You’ll find more information about various types of service available – burial, cremation, interment of ashes and how to go about having a memorial stone in our book.

Download our Funerals Guidebook.

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