Marriage is a gift from God and a lifelong commitment to one another.  A wedding ceremony will put God at the centre of your relationship and new life together.

If you’re looking to marry in any of our churches in Bybrook, you’ll have lots of questions.

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Can I marry in one of your churches?

Probably yes, there a number of ways that you can qualify to marry in our churches – including, if we have never met, worshipping with us regularly. Our Wedding Application Pack has more information on Weddings and Blessings

I’ve already booked our wedding reception…

Marriage in the Church of England is both a religious and legal ceremony.

Certain things (like calling banns) and providing identity need to happen in a specific way, at certain times. All of these will affect your possible wedding dates.

We’ll work with you try and match dates if you’ve already booked. If your heart is set on a church wedding – talk to us about dates first.

Everyone keeps talking about Banns…?

In order to establish a right to marry in a Church of England church we need to find out if there is ‘any cause or impediment’ that may prevent it.

In a Civil Marriage this will be done by posting a notice. In church, it is done by the ‘calling of banns’ – both here in the benefice you wish to marry in AND in each of your local parish churches.

You can find your local parish church on A Church Near You

I have so many questions…

Don’t worry. It gets like that planning a wedding.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things (along with moving house).

It really doesn’t have to be – start with our Wedding Application Pack if you want to take your time and answer your own questions.

When you’re ready get in touch

Planning a wedding service

If you’re marrying with us, your minister will work with you to plan your service, and our office manager, Claire, will help link you up with some of the people who can help with your day.

Further help and ideas about the wedding service itself – including hymns, readings and prayers can be found at Your Church Wedding

Can you help my marriage?

We will invite you take part in our marriage preparation day – it is genuinely fun and informative, no matter long you may have been together as a couple.

If you’ve been married a while and need some help and support – or want to build a strong foundation – here are some useful resources.

Don’t struggle alone, sometimes reaching out online is a first quiet step. If you would like to talk to us then do contact us

How much does a church wedding cost?

Firstly, a ‘church’ wedding is not the same as the ‘big day’ which often takes place as a wedding ceremony in the church followed by a wedding reception elsewhere. Your wedding reception venue will take care of the reception fees with you directly according to their own guidance.

Everything that happens in the church is looked after by us – though you pay your photographer (or videographer) directly, there may be fees due to the church for licenses so please do read the wedding information pack carefully.

There are fees that are due for optional elements within a church service (for example heating) but others are set within a national Church of England Fees table. These fees, despite the name are set annually in November by the Home Office. These fees can be found:

Your total for the ceremony will be a combination of the set fee, optional fees (like bell-ringing) and perhaps license fees. The current 2022 fee for a wedding ceremony in church, without any options, is £512.