Arranging a Baptism

There are a number of possible reasons why you are exploring baptism at this time:

  • you may have had a baby recently and want to have them baptised, and a new birth is a great opportunity to think about all of the mysteries of life;
  • you may have children that are a little older and have begun to think about what Christian faith is all about;
  • you may be thinking of being baptised yourself and about making your own commitment to Jesus and to the church.

Whatever position you find yourself in, baptism is a celebration of knowing Jesus and of joining his people, and so we hope we can help you to think through what baptism is, and to be sure it is the right thing for you.

What should I do next?

It is worth spending time to make sure that baptism is the right choice for you.  A good place to start is to download our Baptism Application Pack which has lots of valuable advice and information, as well as an application form. If you have any queries, please use the Contact Us link.

Once we have received your application form, we will contact you to arrange the date for the service.