St Andrew, Castle Combe

St Andrew, Castle Combe

Originally founded in the 13th century the building has been extended over a long period of time. The nave was added in the 14th century and the tower was completed in the 16th century. In the 1850′ s much of the church fell into disrepair and had to be rebuilt.

On the north side of the church is a superb monument of a Norman Knight – Sir Walter de Dunstanville, Baron of Castle Combe, who died in 1270, His crossed legs indicate that he went on two crusades. In the window above the tomb you can see the arms of the Scrope family who held the Manor of Combe for over 400years.

The tower was started in 1434 – built from money from wealthy mediaeval wool merchants, particularly from the will of Sir John Fastolf. Above you will see beautiful fan vaulting reminiscent of Bath Abbey. At the base of the tower stands the faceless clock, believed to have been made by a local blacksmith, It is among the most ancient working clocks in the country.

The Church is open each and every day of the year during daylight hours. Visitors are most welcome to enjoy exploring the church and churchyard. There is an intercessions book situated in the Knights Chapel for personal prayers and take a moment to sit and enjoy the peace of this lovely building. St Andrew’s sell a selection of postcards and greetings cards together with a full selection of prayer cards, books and bookmarks.


Sally Constable