Bybrook Refugee Crisis Support Network Update 1

Yesterday evening that we had an open meeting at St Margaret’s Church, Yatton Keynell to discuss a response to the ongoing refugee crisis. We talked about the importance of a coordinated response linking in with the local authority and also with organisations who will be working both locally and overseas providing much needed care and support for refugees.
In response, we are going to set up the Bybrook Refugee Crisis Support Network, if you would like to be a part of our response, and to be kept up to date with conversations that we have had and help to share a long term and meaningful response to the situation, contact me.

There are a few immediate things that we would like to do, and then for those who would like more information I will send a further detailed summary of the possibilities we discussed last night.

  • We would like to put together a register of skills that people might be willing to offer to refugee families if they are placed locally to us.  This might be help with understanding legal documents, finding doctors, helping to look at school applications.  These are just a few examples, but if you can offer something (it would need to be on a voluntary basis please) then there will be no irrelevant offers.  Please contact me and let me know and so that we can create a pre-emptive list.
  • There has been talk of trying to provide some housing in the local area that the local authority could use to accommodate refugees on a long term basis (5 years).  We have already had one very generous offer, but if you feel this might be an area that you would like to support financially again please do let me know.
  • We were fortunate to have Rachel Molano with us last night, and she will be going out to the camp at Calais and will bring us up to date reports of needs and prayer requests from the camp.  Please do pray for her as she goes out.

With many thanks

Rev Jonathan Philpott, Priest-in-Charge, Bybrook Team Ministry

25th September 2015